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Membership of the Bath City Jubilee Waits is very loosely defined but is basically open to anyone who is interested enough to learn the repertoire, and be occasionally available to play.

The way it will work is that when I get notification of a request for us to play, I will email all members on the list. When I have enough available people of sufficient ability I will (hopefully) accept the invitation. The band for the event will then consist of those people who accepted and who constitute a ‘rounded’ sound as defined by me, appropriate for the event and the venue. Thus, there may be occasions when only a small band is wanted, in which case I’ll have to choose from the players available. The choice of tunes for a performance will be largely led by the preferences of the players taking part.

Dress code for performances will normally be ‘red and black’, ideally red top and black lower half.

An idea  of the tunes you will need to know is shown in the linked page below. To get an idea of how they should sound, come along to the ‘Full English’ sessions held fortnightly at the Packhorse Inn in South Stoke (just outside Bath).

Link to tunes and dots

If you have any questions please contact me, Ian Gilchrist.


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